We have a mythologised history of the religious-run Institutions as told by the Cult, the clerics who spoon-fed us their mythologised history of their Religious Run Institutions. Uncovering The Cults' massacre of unwed Mothers and their Children must now be a top priority. Slowly, gently even, we must scrape away the dirt, raw sewage and the Cults lies of decades, from human bones, the remains of innocent women and their vulnerable children.
Tangled with the remains, are shreds of pain, rape, brutality, bruised clothes and the rotten mould of unnamed children’s leather shoes. The mass graves at all Religious run Institutions in Ireland, must be rediscovered, DNA'd and reburied in proper graves.

crime is an act that constitutes a serious violation of the law that gives rise to individual criminal responsibility. The individual criminal responsibility must now apply to all the Nuns, Priests and Religious Brothers that ran the Religious Institutions in Ireland. 
In many of these R…

The Vatican Thinks "The Devil Works Through Children"


Former President of Ireland Mary McAleese was told by the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Angelo Sodano that—‘The Devil works through children raped by priests’.

She also said- that Cardinal Sodano, attempted in 2003 to secure a secret agreement with Ireland that it would not access Church Documents about Clerical pedophiles and child rape, because Cardinal Sodano "wanted to protect Vatican and Diocesan Archives.”

Ms McAleese also said that the encounter with Cardinal Sodano left her: “really quite shattered” 

"There was nothing about Cardinal Sodano that was holy. There was nothing about him that was godly. There was nothing about him that was admirable. Everything about him I found horrifying.”
The recent television program Rome v Republic was to me overall very disappointing. I felt there was an opportunity to hold Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's feet to the fire, so to speak. To truly hold him accountable for his actions. But sadly the …


Guest Post | by Owen Felix O'Neill
Between 5,000 and 7,000 healthy single mothers died in Irish unwed mothers institutions and we need an honest public discussion of that appalling toll. I was born in such an institution: St. Patrick’s on the Navan Road Dublin, the biggest in the country. I spent my first 4 years there. My mother, Norah, was 38 when she had me in 1954. It obviously wasn’t easy for her or the other women of these homes and although I never knew her, the following is based on my conversations over the years with other women who survived the homes.


In some London hospitals in the early 1940s, 50s and 60s, many of the midwives in training were Irish nuns. But once their training was completed and they returned home to Ireland and started to work at the nine main unmarried mothers homes they altered some of the surgical procedures they learnt in London to lethal effect.

An episiotomy, although no longer routine, is a fairly standard surgical…


GUEST POST | BY FELIX O'NEILL In today’s Irish Times, the 13th. March 2019, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin speaks of the- “darker and sadder side of Church life 
in a culture of careerism and nastiness”and he continues-  “working at the Vatican is an unusual experience”This of course begs the question, what does Archbishop Martin mean by “darker and sadder side of Church life in a culture of careerism and nastiness” Does he mean for example, the Vatican; or much closer to home in Dublin, Ireland; or that the Roman Catholic Church has dark secrets? This is very intriguing coming from an Irish Archbishop with his own dark secrets.
Dr. Martin should enlighten us on this darker aspect. Perhaps it was the recent cardinals, bishops and priests convicted of raping millions of children world-wide? Or was it the 60,000 secret files Dr. Martin gave as Archbishop of Dublin to the Irish police? Their Investigators were given access to 60,000 previously secret Catholic Church files which in part incrim…


by Owen Felix O'Neill | 8th March 2019

Senior ecclesiastical leaders, always considered as untouchable Princes of the Roman Catholic Church, have now been convicted of raping and covering up the rape of millions of children world-wide.

The news this day: a French court has this morning, the 7th. of March 2019 convicted the Catholic Archbishop of Lyon of failing to act on historic allegations of sexual rape of Boy Scouts in his diocese. The French Judges handed Cardinal Philippe Barbarin a six-month suspended jail sentence. 

Oh mighty Princes of the church, the promised throne of Peter, descends, pierced by the burning bolts of old they fell, and still roll bellowing in the depths of Hell.

A few months ago, another Cardinal, “Vanilla Sex” Pell (Pellophile) was convicted in a court of law of raping two choir boys in a Catholic cathedral in Australia. One of the boys subsequently took his own life soon after his rape. 

With many more credible accusations by other men who as young children…