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Ireland 2015 : Gay Pride and Mother Shame

It's great to see so many joyful people celebrating the Irish 'Yes' vote for marriage equality.   My  vote was a yes. I am a "live and let live" person. I  hope and desire that all who have suffered prejudice, shame or isolation because of their sexual orientation can now find peace and happiness in their own country.  Congratulations Ireland. By this decision we have shown acceptance of at least one of our 'demonized' groups. But many are still on the margins. Most women, who like myself, lost a child through forced adoption, voted Yes  in this referendum.  I speak daily with such women. They were incarcerated in Mother and Baby homes; were deemed "offenders"; were shuttered and railroaded by an unholy alliance of state, church, and Irish families.  They know how a gay social scapegoat must feel. Almost all had their infants taken from them through forced adoption. Many are still marginalized to this day and live lives blighted by an uns

Exposing Ireland's Forced Adoption Cover-Up

Mari Steed , Claire McGettrick , Susan Lohan and Kathy McMahon   join Fintan Dunne in the aftermath of the Irish Government's recent announcement of its Mother And Baby Inquiry terms of reference.

Adoption Reconnection, Heartbreaks and Joys

LISTEN mp3 : Lorraine Dusky - Kathy McMahon Lorraine Dusky, USA and Kathy McMahon, Ireland speak  with Fintan Dunne  about the heartbreaks and joys of adoption and reconnection. SEE ALSO First Mothers Forum - Lorraine Irish First Mothers Group - Kathy

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