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Mothers Announce Own Public Inquiry Into Genocide

11th April, 2017 - Irish First Mothers is to conduct it's own Public Inquiry into Mother and Baby Homes and practices of coercion in pregnancy . The inquiry will feature broadcast of public testimony relevant to our genocide claim against the Irish State -which was served by recorded delivery on the Attorney General today. [Tracking: RL573384676IE ] The first internet public broadcasts of testimony will be on 19th and 20th April, 2017. Testimony will be released on the website. More on the timing, and schedule will be released next week, but for now we plan bi-weekly broadcasts featuring live and pre-recorded testimony. Testimony will be by members of Irish First Mothers who are living witnesses of this genocidal system. Some witnesses will be named, some first name only, some a pseudonym. Witnesses will include some who have been before the Commission. Our first two living witnesses have not. The time period and institution / hospital /agency etc

First Mothers Lays Formal Genocide Charges Against Irish State

By Kathy McMahon   ​ 4th April, 2017 -  Following correspondence to our group from the Irish Attorney General , Irish First Mothers has today  ​replied to the AG  laying  ​​formal charges of genocide against the Irish State on behalf of around 70 mothers formerly resident in Mother and Baby homes. We have also written requesting  the Presidency of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to engage with Ireland on this issue, on an informal and voluntary basis. Ou r claim under Ireland's International  Criminal Court  Act of 2006 , alleges crimes of  genocide and failure to prevent genocide  by the Irish State in respect of its historical treatment of unmarried mothers. Specifically we assert that our sequestration in State-sanctioned religious homes and the subsequent coercive adoption of our children violated two signature genocide criteria enshrined in Irish law: grievous mental harm and forced transfer of children. In support of our claim to the Attorney Gene