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Time To End The Culture Of Adoption Secrets

by Kathy McMahon, Founder. Irish First Mothers group M y name is Kathy McMahon. I am an Irish ‘First Mother’. My first child was born in April 1974 after I spent 4 months in the Good Shepard Convent in Dunboyne Co Meath.  I was aged 18.  I nursed my child for 7 days. But on the day I was discharged from hospital a nurse took my infant daughter without warning. I was later forced to sanction her adoption. I did not see my daughter for another 28 years.  In early 2014 I founded Irish First Mothers - a peer-to-peer mutual support group for women who were coerced into yielding up their children for adoption. Our group has over such mothers - who range in age from early 40's through to mid 70's.  Most of us were incarcerated in so-called ‘Mother and Baby Homes’. The vast majority were forced into adoption. We never asked for, nor were we offered personal confidentiality. Rather, we were told that if we ever attempted contact with our own children we would be comm

Irish First Mothers Launch Funding Appeal

I had my beautiful baby stolen by forced adoption in Ireland. Please help me to aid other mothers who suffered the same fate: the tens of thousands of innocent girls who were incarcerated behind the high walls of often savage religious institutions.  Nothing can ever undo the damage inflicted on women who suffered their baby in some cases being literally torn from their arms. Most carry the wounds of those experiences to this day - never having had the opportunity to speak of it.  I found the strength to speak out, and so have other mothers in Irish First Mothers - a peer support and reform activism group which I founded in early 2014......  Read more:   My Story: