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Adoption Heartache Was Worse Than Death

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Let's Encourage - Not Hinder Adoption Reunions

by Kathy McMahon, Founder of Irish First Mothers group I was astonished to read a paternalistic article  in The Journal by an adopted man, Mr. Paul Redmond - who presumes to be an authority on what is best for us women who lost our children to adoption. He wrote that that the Irish government's proposed new law on adoption tracing should offer mothers the "protection" of a veto to prevent our lost children from contacting us. He explains this and his troubled re-connection with his own natural mother by depicting us mothers as "elderly" and "living in fear". I was subjected to forced adoption of my child, and I can assure you I am far from elderly or fearful. Neither are the more than 50-strong Irish First Mothers group, of which I am founder, so infirm of mind that we need Mr. Redmond to speak on our best interests. In fact, our ages range from the early forties upwards. Our relative youth confounds the current stereotype. Forced adoption