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Adopting Couple's New Baby Delivered by Miracle Stork

ADOPTING COUPLE'S NEW BABY DELIVERED BY MIRACLE STORK by Fintan Dunne, 30 July, 2105   In a world-first, a Minnesota couple are now celebrating the arrival of a new-born baby girl --which came via a miraculous delivery by stork! The couple, Sarah and David Olson already had two children - but had been battling a harrowing secret ordeal. They always knew they wanted three children, but they lacked that third infant which would make their family "complete". The Olsens had been trying in vain to conceive for what must have seemed an interminable eight long months before eventually deciding to adopt while aboard Sarah's birthday gift flight to New York.  That decision was partly inspired by Sarah's sister - who had already taken delivery of a child she had ordered online via in an inter-country adoption from China. But Sarah and David could hardly believe what happened next. After months of waiting, one Tuesday their Christian adoption consult

Call For Empowerment Of Grassroots Adoption Groups

News Anchor Alison Comyn, Senator Averil Power and Kathy McMahon , founder of Irish First Mothers. Ireland Live at 10  on Thursday 22 July, 2015   with Alison Comyn. Discussing sketchy details of a proposed Adoption Information Bill . Alison Comyn:  "Kathy McMahon, you have some  reservations [about the proposed Bill]. What are they?" Kathy McMahon: "As far as we are concerned our children should be given rights of access to their birth information. "One of the things that concerns me is the fact that adopted people are going to be asked to sign a guarantee that they won't harass or invade on their parents privacy. But, you know, to be an adopted person isn't a communicable disease. "And us mothers don't need protection from our children . At the moment reunions are going on all the time - without any bureaucracy involved. "So the existing groups that are working on the issue, like Irish First Mothers and the Adoption Right