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No Birth Mothers Need Apply

by Irish First Mothers   Irish women whose infants were stolen by the State and Church apparatus are not concerned over their privacy rights . We are concerned for our Human Rights . We were sidelined when our babies were stolen. We are an afterthought today in a Bill framed entirely around the adopted person. What has changed? As victims of a State-sanctioned regime, we want UNREDACTED access to all files used in these mass scale, practices which were illegal and still-unprosecuted genocide, under the ICC Act, 2006.  We oppose this rush to legislate BEFORE the Commission of Investigation reports.  We are adults . Our stolen children are now adults. We want no part of the widely discredited Tusla system. We do not see ourselves as a new "market" for ineffective and already overburdened State services.  We are simply exercising an FOI human right to the unredacted files which will help us find the truth of our lives and rebuild our sundered family bonds -without