Survivors of Ireland's Mother and Baby homes are distraught and angry following a news report that the judge leading a Commission of Investigation into 14 such homes has requested an additional year to issue her final report -currently due by mid-February 2019.

"This morning I woke to the news that the commission of investigation are looking for another year. Another Year! And I just bust into tears," says Rosemary Adie of Irish First Mothers -the largest group of natural mothers. 

"I'm heartbroken and my mental state is shattered."

"I was so sick today," said Sheila O'Byrne who was in St. Partick's Home on the Navan Road, Dublin. 

"It was shocking to read about a year delay in the paper without any prior warning from Minister Zappone." 

"It was the lowest thing to do. It was despicable and demeaning to our survivors. The 15th of February, 2019 is the deadline and we expect that commitment to be met."

The request by Judge Yvonne Murphy for an extension of time is to be put before the cabinet, according to the Irish Times. But this news comes with only weeks to go to the scheduled publication date. 

"They made a contract with us for truth and justice and now they have broken it twice with two extensions, said Anna Corrigan of the Tuam Babies Family group. "Leaking it to the newspaper is a new low." 

"These people do not have our best interests at heart. People are suffering and this prolonging of the process is prolonging their suffering." 

"They are so afraid now -caught in the cross hairs of the world media. No more riding roughshod over people's rights like what happened in the Industrial Homes And the Magdelene Homes Investigation."

"They need to be very afraid. The reckoning is coming for both State and Church," she concludes.

"Survivors have a much shortened life expectancy, " says David Kinsella, an infant survivor. "If this extension of time is granted then an immediate interim redress system must be established for the health and well-being needs of survivors who have already given evidence to the commission of inquiry."

"Judge Murphy surely knew quite some time ago that this deadline would be missed," comments Fintan Dunne, media liaison for Irish First Mothers

"So why didn't either the judge or the Minister inform leaders of the survivor community long before now? They were led to believe that some closure awaited survivors this Spring. This betrayal is devastating for them."

"This is a grossly incompetent Commission. It's inquiries should have been structured to produce a timely first report based on a representative sample of cases. That way an informed response by government could already be underway. Instead, the original injury is being constantly layered with further insults."

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