by Owen Felix O'Neill | 8th March 2019

Senior ecclesiastical leaders, always considered as untouchable Princes of the Roman Catholic Church, have now been convicted of raping and covering up the rape of millions of children world-wide.

The news this day: a French court has this morning, the 7th. of March 2019 convicted the Catholic Archbishop of Lyon of failing to act on historic allegations of sexual rape of Boy Scouts in his diocese. The French Judges handed Cardinal Philippe Barbarin a six-month suspended jail sentence. 

Oh mighty Princes of the church, the promised throne of Peter, descends, pierced by the burning bolts of old they fell, and still roll bellowing in the depths of Hell.

A few months ago, another Cardinal, “Vanilla Sex” Pell (Pellophile) was convicted in a court of law of raping two choir boys in a Catholic cathedral in Australia. One of the boys subsequently took his own life soon after his rape. 

With many more credible accusations by other men who as young children were raped and sexual assaulted by Vanilla Sex” Pell when he was a young Priest. 

But Pell's biggest crime was as a Catholic Church Canon Lawyer, defending hundreds of pedophile Priests in Australia. While his pedophile Clerics committed hundreds more rapes of vulnerable children throughout Australia, with the full blessing of the Roman Catholic Church and Cardinal Pellophile. The Vatican rewarded Pell's works by making him a Cardinal.

Then we had the ignominious end of Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston, a true friend of pedophile Priests, who also activity covered up thousands of rapes of children by his pedophile Priests. The messy and hectic consequences brought about by  previously secret rapes of children by Catholic Priests in Boston becoming public knowledge, and exposed by the Boston Globe. 

Cardinal Bernard Law than ran to hid out in the Vatican, which shield Cardinal Law from potential criminal prosecution as his new position conveyed citizenship in the Vatican City. Law's name became emblematic of the sex scandals that continues to trouble the American Catholic Church and its followers after a Boston Globe investigation (Spotlight) revealed that he and other Bishops pursued an active covered up of child rape of thousands of children by his Priests in the Boston Archdiocese. 

Another Cardinal, Roger Mahony of Los Angeles who also covered up thousands of rapes of children by his pedophile Priests in Los Angeles. Cardinal Mahony knowingly harboured, concealed and aided many sexual criminals acts by his clerics.

Cardinal Mahony knew of their sexual crimes and rapes against innocent children. Mahony knew that vulnerable children were been raped and instead of calling the L.A. Police, Cardinal Mahony manipulated the information, frightened the children and their parents into silence, and moved these pedophile Priests unabated, from parish to parish thus allowing the rape of hundreds of innocent children to continue.

Cardinal Mahony's crime was that he directly aided and abetted pedophile priests in L.A. to hide and leave the city of Los Angeles to avoid criminal prosecution. Cardinal, Roger Mahony of Los Angeles said- “that we all have to have mercy and 'forgive' ...". I say he is just evil.

More still, the defrocked Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, of Washington, who raped his own nephew and who actively covered-up the rapes of thousands of children. Irish-born Cardinal Kevin Farrell, former Archbishop of Dallas, who covered up for defrocked Cardinal McCarrick gets promotion into a cushy post in the Vatican, keeping it in the family. 

Cardinal McCarrick has said he had "absolutely no recollection" of the alleged rape of  children but has not commented on the allegations of the rape of young men, training as Priests.

Cardinal Farrell’s reward, was an appointment to one of the most vital offices in the Vatican. The three wise monkeys of the Vatican are embodying the proverbial principle of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” The three monkeys is in reality, the Pope, as a mystic ape, covering his eyes, who sees no evil, covering his ears, who hears no evil, covering his mouth, who speaks no evil. 

In the Roman Catholic Church world both the proverb and the image are used to refer to a lack of moral responsibility on the part of people who refuse to acknowledge impropriety, looking the other way, or feigning ignorance. It also signifies a code of silence in the Roman Catholic Church. 

It also means 'Don't listen to the truth because it will disturb all your consoling lies'. 'Don't look at the truth; otherwise your God will be dead and your heaven and hell will disappear’ and don't speak the truth, otherwise you will be condemned, crucified, poisoned, tortured by the whole crowd, the unconscious people.

The Catholic Church’s secret among the Clerics is "Keep your pleasures, your joys, hidden. Don't let anybody know that you are a pedophile, a blissful rapist, an ecstatic man, because that will destroy your very life. The Vatican says secretly to its clerics - "it is dangerous to tell the truth about our misdeeds and more so to tell the truth of the rape of millions of children".

Then we have the fall of Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington who also knew and coved up the rape of children by both his priests and Cardinals. When asked, Cardinal Donald Wuerl said- 

I forgot I knew about the sexual rape of children and a Cardinal who did know, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl also called it a "lapse of memory” How very convenient. The Report of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury, published on August 14th, 2018 found “wholesale institutional failure that endangered the welfare of thousands of children” in Pittsburgh. It faulted Cardinal Wuerl for what it said was his active role in the concealment of sexual rape of thousands of children. The Report of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury, chose three examples from cases involving 99 Pedophile Priests there as -
“a window into the conduct” of Bishops “and the crimes they permitted to occur on their watch”. 
I could go on but I would never finish, when will society wake up to the reality of The Cult masquerading as a force of good, when as can be seen it is all but a dangerous Cult. The Vatican is a true home, a safe haven for all manners of pedophiles, psychopaths, deranged lunatics, psychotic sociopaths. 

The question is, what are we as a society, the people or the congregation going to do about it?


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