Irish State Covered-Up 2012 Tuam Baby Deaths Report

A damning Irish health services review of infant deaths and other anomalies, in Bessborough and Tuam mother and baby homes took place in 2012. But the report was not disclosed by the government during civil consultations on the terms of its official inquiry - now underway into the homes. 

The Irish Examiner newspaper revealed today that the 2012 report confirmed the scale of the deaths and anomalies which would later achieve such prominence. So troubled were the authors, says the paper, that they urged the State to immediately establish an official judicial inquiry based on its findings. Nothing happened.

Two years later, a fortunate international media spotlight on claims that around 800 infants were interred in Tuam, prompted the government to established an inter-departmental committee to coordinate its response. But the committee was blind to the previous investigation under the Dept. of Justice, even as it set up a "new" inquiry guided by the Dept. Children & Youth Affairs.

All of which has the appearance of a complete betrayal of our trust by the Government. Gross negligence or outright cover-up? If the latter, the new inquiry is just a hollow facade, born of deception - and ongoing cover-up dynamics.

Here is a brief list of other dubious government tactics:
  • - The inquiry terms were launched on a Friday to hinder public interest;
  • - Mothers and adopted were made to wait like fools in a separate(!) room while the minister launched his terms of reference to media;
  • - the inquiry terms do not address either justice or recompense;
  • - the terms have excluded two thirds of the women affected;
Click extract below for full Examiner article:


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