We have a mythologised history of the religious-run Institutions as told by the Cult, the clerics who spoon-fed us their mythologised history of their Religious Run Institutions. 
Uncovering The Cults' massacre of unwed Mothers and their Children must now be a top priority. Slowly, gently even, we must scrape away the dirt, raw sewage and the Cults lies of decades, from human bones, the remains of innocent women and their vulnerable children. 

Tangled with the remains, are shreds of pain, rape, brutality, bruised clothes and the rotten mould of unnamed children’s leather shoes. The mass graves at all Religious run Institutions in Ireland, must be rediscovered, DNA'd and reburied in proper graves.

crime is an act that constitutes a serious violation of the law that gives rise to individual criminal responsibility. The individual criminal responsibility must now apply to all the Nuns, Priests and Religious Brothers that ran the Religious Institutions in Ireland.  

In many of these Religious run Institutions in Ireland we have to unearth the remains of more than 10,000 Children and Babies: the Rejects, dumped into these mass graves, at the back of Convents, Industrial Schools and Orphanages of Ireland.  

Women and Children bodies were lying face down, many of the women, were covered in bandages from beatings and broken bones inflected on them when they were alive by the cruel Nuns, and were than liquidated. Then the Nuns, got others to dig ditches, for them, cesspools and reopened Septic Tanks to dispose or flush the rejects, the children and babies who they didn’t want to look after, because they the rejected children and babies were unsaleable. 
The unwed Women and vulnerable Children massacre was not commemorated, not would it be. After all the Nuns did not want any reminders of their evil work, better to bury them in cesspools and septic tanks, unseen, unrecorded and out of sight.
So let’s start with Bessborough Mother and Baby Home in Cork - the burial place of well over 900 children who died in the care of Bessborough Mother and Baby Home is unknown. A Nun who worked for 40 years years in Bessborough Mother and Baby Home, claims she doesn't remember any child deaths - there were 671 children’s deaths during her time there;-

(This is Outrageous)- One Nun of the Congregation, The Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary who was in Bessborough for most of the period 1948 - 1998 told the Commission that—

“She did not remember any child deaths during her time there but she implied that the children who did die there were buried in the congregation burial ground.”

The Mother and Baby Home Commission of Investigation said;-

“The affidavit from the congregation that ran Bessborough Mother and Baby Home was “speculative, inaccurate and misleading”.

Here's what the commission found:-

"It is not known where the vast majority of the children who died in Bessborough are buried. There is a small burial ground in the grounds of Bessborough. This was opened in 1956 for members of the congregation. It seems to have been assumed by former residents and advocacy groups that this is also where the children who died in Bessborough are buried as there are occasional meetings and commemoration ceremonies held there. 
The vast majority of children who died in Bessborough are not buried there; it seems that only one child is buried there. 
More than 900 children died in Bessborough or in hospital after being transferred from Bessborough. Despite very extensive inquiries and searches, the Commission has been able to establish the burial place of only 64 children. The Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary who owned and ran Bessborough do not know where the other children are buried.”

But in my opinion the Commission is blind to the Nuns Crimes in Bessborough Mother and Baby Home. And even more Outrageous-

 Of the 552 “illegitimate” children who died in Cork District Hospital/St Finbarr’s, (including 113 transferred from Bessborough Mother and Baby Home), the Commission has identified the burial place of only 5 children. Between 1922 and 1998, a combined total of 1,343 “illegitimate” children died; 771 died in Bessborough Mother and Baby Home, Cork;- 552 died in St Finbarr’s Hospital, Cork City and 20 subsequently died elsewhere. To date, the Commission has identified the burial places of just 64 children. “Despite having undertaken an intensive investigation the burial locations of 1,279 of these children remain unknown,” Commission of Investigation said;-

Ok let’s get real here, we need to take of the gloves here, Bessborough Mother and Baby Home in Cork needs to be treated as a Crime Scene, as does every Religious run Institution in Ireland, immediately. Better still all the Religious run Institutions in Ireland, need to be treated as War Crime Scenes and the war on unmarried women and their vulnerable Children by The Cult. This really was a war on both unwed mothers and their children, by The Cult that ran Ireland. 

 Ireland’s Grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions, such as:

  1. Willful or Intentionally killing, causing great suffering or serious injury to body and health unwed Women and their Children. 
  2. Torture and  inhumane treatment of unwed Women and their Children.
  3. Forcing unwed Women and their Children to serve in the forces of a hostile power.
  4. Depriving the unwed Women and their Children of a fair trial. 
  5. Unlawful deportation (illegal adoptions) of the Children of unwed women. 
  6. Selling the unwed Women and their Children for money. 
  7. Taking hostages, as in the removal, dragging out of girls from their homes 
  8. Murder, cruel or degrading treatment and torture of unwed Women and their Children
  9. Rape, sexual slavery, forced slavery, forced prostitution and forced pregnancy and abortions of unwed Women and their Children. 
  10. Denial of medicines to unwed Women and their Children. 

These horrendous crimes where a part of a diabolical plan and policy of the Irish Catholic Church, The Cult. Which was carried out in all the Mother and Baby Homes, Industrial Schools and Orphanages in Ireland. All part of large-scale crimes of the Irish Catholic Church. For along with the many thousands of missing and dead children and babies, the Rejects of the Religious run Institutions. The Criminal Nuns according to the Commission of Investigation have conveniently lost, destroyed, reams of vanished records and documentations. The Commission of Investigation have said also that the Criminal Nuns were unwilling to help. 
It would also help If more Irish media outlets focused as fastidiously on the Catholic Church's lies as I do, we might have avoided tens of thousands of more child rapes and deaths, altogether. 
More Horrors-

More than 950 children’s bodies were sold for medical research to University College Dublin, Trinity and Royal College of Surgeons.
Galway County Council has said it was not aware that babies were informally and inappropriately buried at the Tuam Mother and Baby Home which it owned and maintained, yet there is ample evidence to the contrary. It has not explained why it would have no burial register for the children when it was legally obliged to keep such records.
The Bon Secour Sisters who ran Tuam Mother and Baby Home, have said;- That is has found the resources to hire their own Archaeologist to challenge the findings, in the words to lie for them, just like it did with the PR. Firm, run by Terri Prone who said after been paid by the Bon Secour Sisters who ran Tuam Mother and Baby Home, the 796 Babies in the Septic Tank were all Famine Children from the mid- 1840s..We now know this was and is a lie, perforated by The Bon Secour Sisters and Terri Prone, PR. Forensic Archaeology has conclusively proven that the 796babies were flushed in the Septic Tank from the 1930s to 1960. 
Mass Grave is a grave containing multiple human corpses, which may or may not be identified  prior to burial. The United Nations has defined a criminal mass grave as a burial site containing 3 or more victims. It is now a known fact that all the Religious run Institutions in Ireland have Mass Graves of  thousands of women and children.

Dublin Union/St Patrick’s, Navan Road (Pelletstown)
St Patrick’s Mother and Baby Home was run by the Daughters of Charity. The burial register records the children as "abandoned", "deserted" and/or "illegitimate". The Commission’s report notes the analysis of deaths at the home is complex for reasons including that many of the children were sent there because they were very ill. More than 950 children who died there out of more then 7,000 children and babies, between 1920 and 1977.  950 children and babies remains were sent to the medical schools at UCD, Trinity and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, for “anatomical studies”.
Sean Ross Abbey-Tipperary
Records concerning the Sean Ross Mother and Baby Home show that more than 1,000 children and 29 mothers died there or in the District Hospital, Roscrea, where they were sent when they became very ill. What is shocking is that there is no evidence that any record of burials was kept by the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, who owned and ran the Sean Ross home, despite a canon law requirement to keep a record of burials. There is no certainty about where these children are buried.
The Commission of Investigation said that an affidavit about the burials provided by the Congregation, The Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary was "in many respects, speculative, inaccurate and misleading”. In other words the Nuns lied. 
The Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary also said the children and babies buried at Sean Ross Abbey were buried without cost to local or central government. The Commission of Investigation dismissed this, saying it was -
“not true in respect of some, if not all, of the burials”, and said it had seen evidence of burial bills being sent to the local authority.
Bethany Home
Bethany Home was located in Blackhall Place, Dublin between the years 1922 and 1934 and in Orwell Road, Rathgar after that. The cemetery’s burial registers show that 240 children who were born in, or at one time admitted to Bethany, died between September 1922 and October 1964. Of that 240, 213 were recorded as coming directly from the Bethany Home. There are at least 20 other children who died and are not recorded in the Mount Jerome burial register. Bethany Home Survivors identified over 310 Bethany children buried there. The Commission said that once a particular grave was full, it was closed and the next available grave with spare capacity was used.
The Commission has so far established that over 220 children died in Castlepollard and there were 8 mothers who died from complications of pregnancy/childbirth. Again most shocking- There is no evidence that any record of burials was kept by the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary in respect of burials in Castlepollard, despite a canon law requirement to keep such records. 
An affidavit from the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, who owned and ran the institution, was deemed 
" in many respects, speculative, inaccurate and misleading"

This horror of mass graves of children and babies only underlines how little we know about our true Irish history. The death of tens of thousands of unmarried women and their children in the Religious run Institutions of Ireland is a catastrophic loss and suffering under the occupation of The Cult, the Irish Catholic Church. We must never forget about the dead of innocent women and their children. We must never allow the hushed up by The Cult, the Clerics and their enablers. Please!! we don’t need more memorials dedicated to nameless children. A better memorial would be the need for true and honest accountability. The children and babies were killed or allowed to die because they were REJECTS, plain and simple. 

Countless mass graves are still secreted away across Ireland. Excavation work, should only stop once all the remains of the children and babies have been recovered. I have heard young people in their teens flippantly say- "I don't think anyone our age really knows what happened." In which I reply, I’m a Survivor of 18 years in these Religious run Institutions of Ireland and I do remember, as do tens of thousands of other Survivors, the walking wounded. Please remember this- 

History becomes harder to ignore, with every fragment of a Child, a Baby, a Woman recovered from the Septic Tanks, the Cesspools and Mass Graves of the Religious run Institutions of Ireland.

Over 170,000 vulnerable children passed through the Religious Gulags of Ireland. Over 185,000 unmarried women, slaved in the Religious Gulags of Ireland. What is a fact is that over60,000 of their children were stolen and sold overseas for cash and over 20,000 unmarried women and their children died or were murdered in these cruel Religious Gulags of Ireland. It’s time to dig up the Secret Grave Pits, Convent and Industrial School dumps and Septic Tanks, attached to all the Religious Gulags of Ireland.

-Owen Felix O'Neill


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