The Vatican Thinks "The Devil Works Through Children"


Former President of Ireland Mary McAleese was told by the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Angelo Sodano that—‘The Devil works through children raped by priests’.

She also said- that Cardinal Sodano, attempted in 2003 to secure a secret agreement with Ireland that it would not access Church Documents about Clerical pedophiles and child rape, because Cardinal Sodano "wanted to protect Vatican and Diocesan Archives.”

Ms McAleese also said that the encounter with Cardinal Sodano left her: “really quite shattered” 

"There was nothing about Cardinal Sodano that was holy. There was nothing about him that was godly. There was nothing about him that was admirable. Everything about him I found horrifying.”

The recent television program Rome v Republic was to me overall very disappointing. I felt there was an opportunity to hold Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's feet to the fire, so to speak. To truly hold him accountable for his actions. But sadly the documentary makers missed a rare opportunity to quiz Archbishop Martin about the rape of thousands of children by hundreds of his Dublin diocese priests. 

Fundamentally, the Catholic Hierarchy cared more for reputational damage to the Irish Catholic Church than it cared about the safety of those vulnerable children. The Irish Catholic Church has always gone out of its way to cover up the crimes of pedophile Priests.

The further shock is why so many Irish priests are pedophiles. And did we as a country export our pedophile Priests, throughout the world? What is it about the Irish Catholic Church, that attracts pedophiles? Is it because of the concept of enforced celibacy? Is it the training at our many Seminary Colleges, which appear to act as generational, rolling rape factories? 

Why do so many Irish Catholics identify with a Cult, an institution they know to be pervaded with pedophiles? 

There is global collaboration by the priests to rape children and a bigger conspiracy by the Roman Catholic Church to cover it all up.

Pope Francis’s record on child protection as a dismal failure, and he only pays lip service to it. The Pope has never committed himself to child protection in any substantial way. One might say, why should he, after all he has no children. 

The Irish Catholic Church, stole innocent childhoods, betrayed innocent childhood futures and ruined tens of thousands of children lives even as it raped, tortured, beat and raped thousands of more women and their children. It is the legacy of The Cult, the Irish Catholic Church’s true legacy, in its filthy, depraved history. 

And it continues to this day. Former Irish President Mary McAleese, has been studying in Rome since leaving office. She has revealed the astonishing attitude to raped children she still encounters in some parts of the Catholic Hierarchy.

Mary McAleese recounts: ‘I’ve heard it said many times here in Rome by Senior Churchmen in whose company I have been that:  “God chose these men, and the devil works through children”.


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